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United Kingdom Vaporizers - choose your herbal vaporizer!

UnitedkingdomVaporizers.com is an online store which provides the most on demand herbal vaporizers on the market. UK vaporizers offer consist of vaporizers such as Easy Vape Digital vaporizer, Sneak*A*Vape vaporizer, Magic Flight Vaporizer, Iolite vaporizer and much more. We sell retail or wholesale at lowest possible price.

UK Herbal Vaporizer Shopping

UK vaporizers covers the whole range of portable or home vaporizers. Choose from our extended collection the one that fits your needs:

What you need to know about the vaporization process

Vaporization is the healthy alternative to smoking. When smoking your plants a series of nasty events are happening: you inhale the carcinogenic smoke, damage your health, inhale only 40-50% of the active chemicals from your plants, experience the common burn and charred aftertaste. Sure you will get a buzz but think how it would be to get that buzz multiplied by 10 and absolutely no damage to your health?! This is where herbal vaporizers get involved!

Sticky Wax Burner

eclipse vaporizer

Eclipse Vape

Dube Vaporizer

In general, herbal vaporizers use hot air which goes through the herb and vaporize it without any combustion! No combustion means no smoke, no nasty chemicals getting into your body, no damage to your health! The air is heated to a certain temperature where the combustion doesn't occurs causing the herb to heat up and to vaporize. Depending on the humidity of the herb and on the vaporizer, the vaporization process can start from 3-4 seconds up to 1 minute.

Compared with smoking the vaporization is far more efficient and healthier. By using an herbal vaporizer you will get more draws from the same amount of herb, more active ingredients from the herb and NO SMOKE inside your lungs. From the mist of the vapor you no longer feel a harsh bitter taste in your mouth, instead you can enjoy a light refreshing inhalation!

As a fact, when vaporizing the user will inhale up to 90% of the active ingredients/chemicals of the herb - compare with 40-45% when smoking. Also the user will get 5 to 8 draws from the herb - compare with 1-3 draws when smoking the same amount of herbs. Also, the vaporization process is odorless and smokeless! On top of all this you protect your lungs and your health! So briefly that is vaporization - a healthy and more efficient way to inhale your plants!

Herbal vaporizers are for whom? Vaporizers were initially intended patients with cancer whom needed medical marijuana during chemotherapy. Since smoking would only increase health risks, the vaporizers technology allowed patients to benefit from the medical marijuana benefits without any further health risks. These days the advanced technology and health benefits make vaporizers an essential for habitual smokers.

Herbal Vaporizers - what you need to know about them

The vaporizers are divided in two main categories: conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers. In other words portable vaporizer and plug-in or home vaporizer. The difference between those two main categories (except being portable) is the heating system and how the herb is vaporized.

Herbal Air Vaporizer

Herbal Air Vaporizer

Australia easy vape digital

Easy Vape Digital

atmos raw vaporizer vape
Atmos Raw

Convection vaporizers use hot air which passes through the herb, heating it and eventually vaporizing it. The convection vaporizers are considered first class vaporizers. Usually these type of vaporizer are used indoors and need a plug to work. A few examples of convection vaporizers are: Easy Vape Digital Vaporizer, Arizer Vaporizer, Vulcano vaporizer, Extreme Q vaporizer etc. They come in different sizes, shapes and prices with more or less featuers such as remote control or digital display, but they all work on the same principles: hot air which vaporize the herb.

Except Vulcano vaporizer that uses a bag for finally vapor delivery, the rest of them use a whip which is attached to the front side of the vaporizer and enable the user to inhale the potent vapor. The whip, also called glass whip or ground glass vapor whip, is made from three pieces: the glass piece, the silicone tube and the glass mouthpiece. In glass piece contains a metal screen and is where the herb is going to be placed. Then this piece is attached to the vaporizer unit and hot air is blown over it, vaporizing the herb.

Also you should know that convection vaporizers have a digital display and a temperature adjustment knob. The digital display is a huge advantage because depending on the herb humidity and texture the user can adjust the temperature and experience the best vaporization. It is said that the best vaporization temperature is somewhere between 320 – 350 F.

Conduction vaporizers use a hot metal plate to vaporize the herb. Conduction style vaporizers are more portable than convection vaporizers and are design for outdoor use. They are independed, no cords or wires are involved, small and portable. A user can stash them in the pockets and have a hit whenever he feels. Although they have the advantage of being portable, conduction vaporizers are considered second rate vaporizers because the herb is in touch with a hot metal plate and they don't have a digital display.

Conduction vaporizers operate on butane gas or battery power. A few examples of conduction vaporizers are: Sneak*A*Vape vaporizer, Magic Flight launch box vaporizer, Iolite portable vaporizer etc. Iolite and Sneak*A*vape work on butane gas while the Magic Flight works on battery power. Conduction vaporizers are not using any whips or cords, are small and portable design for discrete use. These type of vaporizers are perfect for outdoor use such as in a park, car, club, street or crowded places. In general they heat up to a pre-selected temperature level for vaporization to happen.

When using a portable vaporizer the user will have to shake the vaporizer unit after each hit to make sure that the herb will be "cooked" uniformly and entirely. This is a procedure that needs to be done for all portable vaporizers because in order for the herb to get in touch with the metal plate.



Cloud Vaporizer Pen

High Quality Wind Resistant

Long Lasting Battery Power

Removable Heating Chamber

Provides Heat up to 400°F

No Cartridge Needed


Only $64.95

Sticky Wax Burner

No Leak Burner
Portable Lightweight and Handy Design
Ready to Use in Seconds
Provides Even Heating Action
Airflow Technology

Only $42.95

 Sticky Lips Wax Burner Kit 

Atomizer/funnel cartridge)
1 electrical charger
1 USB charger with self winding cable

Only  $60.95

Dube Vaporizer

Compatible with Herbs & Waxy Oils
Small & Compact Design
Quick Heat-Up Time
Easy to Use
Very Discreet

Only $79.95

Puff Vaper Vaporizers


(1) Puff Vaper battery
(1) Clearomizer tank w/mouthpiece
(1) USB/Wall charger set
(1) Instruction manual

Only $39.95

 Trifecta Vaporizer

3 in 1 Vaporizer for Oils, Herbs and Waxes
Great Quality Vaporizer
Solid and Durable Construction
Convenient and Portable
Very Easy to Use

Only $82.95

atmos raw vaporizer vape

BHit Vaporizer Pen

Available in Blue, Black and Silver
Convnient USB and Wall Charger
Easy to assemble and clean
Triple atomizer pen
Low Maintenance
Sleek Design

Only $119.95

 Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Wind Proof
Ready to use in seconds
Advanced Technology
Light Weight
Compact and Portable

Only $99.95

 Atmos Thermo W

Tank Cover
Waxy Atomizer
Lithium Ion Battery
Wired USB Charger
User Manual

Only  $79.95

Herbal Air Vaporizer

synergy Vape Vaporizer

Herbal Air Vaporizer

1 x Herbal Air Vaporizer H2.1
2 x Main Mouthpiece
2 x Mouthpiece Extensions Teflon
1 x Drop In Crucible
1 x Cleaning Tool , and much more

Only $164.95

WISPR Vaporizer

Quick and easy to start up.
Light in weight
It’s completely portable
Boasts a fuel level window
Patented technology

Only $199.95

Synergy Vape Vaporizer

Synergy Vape, Tank,
Dabber Tool,
USB charger
AC adapter,
Two essential oil containers

Only  $61.95

eclipse vaporizer

davinci vape vaporizer

Australia easy vape digital

Eclipse Vape Vaporizer

It’s Portable!
Contains a shock proof carry case
3 glass vials included
Comes in one color :  Black
Instructions always included

Only $49.95

 DaVinci Vape Vaporizer

Pocket sized vaporizer
Digital temperature settings and display
Discrete and portable
No smoke, No smel
Battery powerd

Only $169.95

Easy Vape Digital

Get NO smoke into your lungs;
Get 5 to 8 draws from the herb comparing with 1-3 draws when smoking;
Get NO classic charred or bitter after-taste;

Only $59.97<span

Customer Support

We welcome all wholesale orders worldwide. We directly import and distribute high quality Vaporizers. We offer competitive pricing for wholesale orders. Any inquiries regarding wholesale or bulk order discounts, please contact us via email, phone, contact form or online through Skype messaging. When contacting us, please provide specifics about the item and quantity.

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